Women's Sun-Protective Swimwear

When the warmer months roll around, many women look forward to days on the beach. However, many women also struggle to find the right swimwear for them. Here at Emerald Beachwear, we offer sun-protective swimwear that is modern, sexy, and modest, and it will protect you from dangerous UV rays. Check out our range of styles and fits today.

Benefits of Our Swimwear

Emerald Beachwear believes in creating beautiful, stylish, and sexy swimwear that doesn’t require you to bare more skin than you’re comfortable with. We have a range of cover-up options so that everyone has something they love to wear that fits their modesty standards. Our women’s sun-protective swimwear is extremely flattering and comfortable.

With our flexible swimwear, you’ll feel confident and ready to tackle your leisure day on the beach, at the pool, doing yoga, or any other activity. Plus, our swimwear is designed to protect your skin from sun damage and has an Ultraviolet Protection Factor of 50.

Benefits of Buying From Us

Emerald Beachwear isn’t just concerned with your comfort and confidence, although that’s our main priority. We also care about the environment. Each of our suits is created from recycled fiber made from plastic bottles and recycled fishing nets found in the ocean. Each suit you buy helps us cut down on pollution on the earth and in the ocean.

Our company goals are all aimed at bettering our customers and bettering the world around us.

So if you want to find modern, modest, and innovative swimwear that helps you feel empowered and confident, check out our shop to see the different styles and designs we offer. From full-body suits to crop tops and cute shorts, we’re confident you’ll find the conservative and modest suit you’ve been looking for. Fill out our contact form if you have any questions.